What if?

What if you believed you are worthy?

What if you accepted the praise rather than deflecting it?

What if you embraced the joy as much as you wallow in the pain?


What if you agreed that you are special,

that inside you lives a gorgeous spirit nothing can break,

that you are more than enough just as you are,

and that the only person you need to hear that from is you?


What if you trusted in the love that yearns toward you,

in the light that others to seem to see?

What if you believed that people you admire could admire you?


What if you stopped holding yourself back,

pushing yourself down,

making yourself small?


What if believing in yourself was as natural as believing in the sunrise?


What if you allowed the glory biding its time offstage to step into the spotlight?


What if you felt the terror and did it anyway?

What if you faced the pain and kept on going?

What if you took that leap of faith despite your crippling fear of heights?


What if you understood that mountains in your path are not meant to block your way

But rather to elevate you to a higher vantage point

From which you can see more clearly?


What if you gave up needing to know,

insisting on being right,

being afraid to fail?


What if you stopped hiding your tears—and your joy?


What if you opened yourself up,

laid yourself bare,

made yourself vulnerable,

and stayed that way without resisting

in order to feel the triumph of surviving your worst nightmare?


What if you shared it all,

gave everything away,

and expected nothing in return?


What if you LET GO?

What if you kept letting go every second of every minute of every day—

what do you think might come to you?


What if you relaxed,

and rested,

and laid down your heavy burden of "shoulds"?


What if you stopped trying so hard?

What if you stopped trying at all—and started allowing?


What sort of miracle do you think might brush against your cheek? What magic might land on your fingertips?


What if you opened the faucet all the way?

What if you unkinked the hose?

What do you think might pour forth?


What if you stopped insisting that you're all alone,

that you have no power,

that you're less than,

that you’re ordinary?


What if you believed you could make a difference?

What if you believed your life was vital in some way?

What if the teacher you seek is inside you?


What if you gave up?

What if you gave in?


What if you stopped swimming and started floating, trusting in your natural buoyancy and the path of the current?

On what golden shore might you land?

beach dawn 11.jpg



A Letter to Your Inner Creator from Love

The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, "Big Magic"

You were meant to create great things and now is the time to start.

Believe you are coming into your own and all is unfolding as it should. I will help make your dreams happen, if you'll believe in me. Just relax, and trust, and believe.

You can have what you dream of in your heart of hearts, and the way to get it is not to slave and scrimp and suffer. It is to let go; be pleasantly expectant and receptive. Open the channel between us fully. Trust in yourself--trust in me--and it is there. I am here. I am with you always, guiding. Keep listening to me, and release your fear.

Open your heart and your eyes, quiet your mind, and have faith. Unshakeable faith in me, in you, in all of us. In our incredible powers. Let go of the scarcity beliefs. Let go of the illusion of limitations and lack. Accept the enormity of love’s power.

Expect amazing things! What you most wish for can happen, and it will be so fun you won't believe it! Don't stress. I know it's hard. Keep being vulnerable and putting yourself out there. The right connections will happen and the best outcomes will occur. You will get what you want. Just do the play work and I will do the rest. You are taken care of, my dear.

Keep on in faith and love, and soon you will be a vibrant creative being, living and working at your highest potential, loving every part of your life--fulfilled, having fun connecting with kindred spirits, and creating up a storm. It will be magical, and you will laugh at the magnificence of it all. You will share it with others, and you will transform their lives as well. This is what love and trust can do.